The longest I’ve let my hair grow in years.


I started cutting my own hair in 1995 when I was 15 years old. Over the years it became a weekly hobbie and a way of fresh maintenance. At school and at work people would often compliment my line-up and ask for a reference so I would tell them myself and most times not be taken seriously. A handful of homies and my brothers for mutual favors was as serious as I was taking it myself. My wife who was just my girlfriend of a few months at the time suggested I go to school for my hobbie and make it my professional career. I graduated from Gordon Robertson with a PHD (Professional Hairstyling Degree) in 2005 and opened my own Barbershop in 2009 while my wife was pregnant with our first child. Here we are in 2018 with a thriving business that we built together as we started our family, I have a wife and two beautiful kids who I am the family barber/stylist for, I have over 500 loyal clients, I work on call as a celebrity barber/stylist and I still cut my hair every week on my own chair I call The Throne.

Live self cut part 1 ⬆

Live self cut part 2 ⬆

The final fresh product I like to call “Blue Magic” (Dope Boy Fresh)⬆


I got married in 2008 so 2018 is a huge benchmark in my timeline by listening to the advice of the person you love, putting that same passion into what you love doing and the family you’re doing it for and love will create something from nothing that lasts forever!

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