The history of the barber pole traces back to medieval times when barbers were also surgeons and teeth extractors. The red and white colors were symbolic of blood and bandages and after the American Revolution blue was added as a form of patriotism and/or to represent the veins that were cut. Barber PoleIn 2017 a modern day salon might have a spinning barber pole to attract customers due to the resurgence of the barber industry in a social media era however working with a razor blade with professional certification is what separates a barber from a hair stylist or hairdresser. I am proud to advertise that I am both a Certified Professional Barber and Certified Hair Stylist so upon the addition of our new barber pole there is rewarding inspiration knowing that I incorporate the barber pole symbol top to bottom, inside and out in the past, present and future of everything i advertise in this business. It’s in my blood.

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