December 2017 was a busy month back to my full-time schedule at The Barbershop due to the conclusion of my contract as Barber on call for Damon Wayans Jr. since this past August. I was in the Christmas spirit, here is this month’s “Stylight Reel” of our clients showcasing some of the latest trends.


This month’s Freshest Designs:

Christmas theme design request.


Freestyle design with Christmas on my mind.


Parted comb-over extended with a freestyle.


Parted come-over with a freestyle design.



Freestyle design.


This month’s Bearded Kings:

Boris is this month’s Beard King.


Jay’s beard is an honorable mention.


The faded beard is also trending.


Feminine Fades of the month:

Candy got a makeover bob cut to start over with her natural blonde color.


Sylvie got some highlights and detailing in her cut.


This month’s Freshest Kids:

Ilyana got her first haircut with some bangs, what a little princess.


This 1 year old got his 1st haircut.



Nathan is my son’s playmate at daycare he heard the buzz from my 3 year old.


My son Bentley entertaining a regular client Carlo who have befriended each other.


Damian and his dad pose for a father and son moment.


Chris and Treyvon watched some Fresh Prince Christmas episodes together during their session, great father and son bonding at The Barbershop.


Mattie loves coming to the barbershop with his dad, after his haircut he said he got what he wanted for Christmas.

Two brothers feeling fresh.


Two sisters feeling fantastic.


2 brothers travel from Ontario for their custom cuts.


Jordan grew his hair cuz it was a trend in his grade 2 class but he’s leading his own now.


Kevyn got his specifically requested custom cut I told him it was very “Illmatic” of him.


This month’s Freshest Afro Styles:

Faded Fro.


Faded blow-out.


Faded blow-out.


Twists with a skin fade.


Faded blow-out.


This month’s Freshest Afro Tops:



High-top with a part.


Chris got his Christmas present, his hair grew long enough in time for the high-top.


Sponge top dyed with blonde tips.


From fro to high/low top.




Low cut caesar with waves.


This month’s Freshest Fades with Straight/Wavy Hair:

Too long for slick back and he didn’t want to cut it so ponytail.


Slicked back.


Spiked up.


The multi-top: change it up daily.


Parted come-over.


Brush cut with a skin fade.


Comb-over with beard.


Brush cut with a chin strap.

Comb-over with beard.


Low cut with chin strap.




Wavy top with go-T


Wavy top.


Wavy top.


Low top skin fade.


Slicked side/back with beard.


Brush cut with beard strap.


We pride ourselves in the diversity of our clientele, no matter your age or the texture of hair you have we can create an ‘In Style Just’ for you to look and feel your best so the trend is whatever you say it is and walk your path.

Stay tuned for next month’s Stylight Reel…

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