Produced by Shaydon Romano, a student in media decided to do his documentary project and interview of his long-time friend/barber and The Barbershop. The 7 minute mini docu-film demonstrates a client’s experience at the shop from their perspective while Shaydon chops it up and captures a typical day in my Kingdom.

Docu-Film ⬆

Shaydon has been a loyal client and friend for over 6 years. His head happens to be one of my favorite canvasses to work on, here’s some of my freestyle artwork his head has stunted over the years.

He started as a young teen and matured into a young man.

Haircuts usually get better with time so it was a perfect fit to design my favorite piece to date on camera for this documentary since freestyles are spontaneous.

       Live Freestyle on The Throne. ⬆

                   The 2017 Masterpiece.


I was honored that Shaydon chose me as someone he looked up to and was interested in interviewing me in order to do a documentary for a school project. It was a natural session, a little longer than his usual visits, but in the end just made him appreciate why he is so loyal and made me appreciate what I do and why I do it. A mutual benefit between a friendship in business.



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