The organization for Hip-Hop Karaoke Montreal puts together an annual live show for everyday people to sign up and perform their favorite songs in front of a hype crowd amongst a party atmosphere. For their April 2017 event at Club Le Belmont the event planners reached out to me as a mutual perk for both parties where I would have a kiosk at the venue with plenty potential clients around and they would have an extra selling point to hype up the event.

My kiosk at Le Belmont all set to go.


One of the performers jumped at the opportunity. “I’m not going on stage like this if you’re here, please fix me up”!!!


Fresh from the kiosk to the stage: “transform like this to perform like this”!!!


The crowd was hyped and really into each performance.


Jesse is actually one of my regular clients that just happened to show up to the event forgetting about his barber’s involvement so it was a nice mutual surprise for him to get a spontaneous line-up and have a drink with a fellow hip-hop head!


Some homies came through just to show love and support.


⬆ A live music video capturing the most lit moments of the event.

“What’s the connection between hip-hop music and a barbershop”? I answered his question with an Ice Cube impersonation during his haircut which enticed him further to visit our Barbershop in Pierrefonds in the near future.


Special Thanks to Olivia and Monica who thought of the idea to reach out to me for the event and who also set the tone for the night as the 1st performers.


This was a great experience. I had fun mixing business with pleasure and using a social event platform to mingle and party with potential future clients as well as a chance to kick it with people I only see at the barbershop. The event was a mutual success between the event organizers and myself so we’re all open-minded to working together again in the future.


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