In 2008 before even officially opening for business, I was requested by a musician for Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” Tour to be his personal Barber for the back to back shows at The Bell Centre on October 21 and 22. Upon accepting the initial request my services were also extended to the entire entourage most importantly her back up dancers. I signed a non disclosure contract so I could not take pictures backstage of my work unfortunately but you can see trails of my first footprints entering into show biz.


This was my backstage pass that had to hang around my neck at all times.


Here is Madonna with her Stylist in the hair and make-up room taken by her photographer.



Once the concert started I was able to watch from backstage and at times I would go to the side directly in front of the 1st row to snap a few pictures that would not violate any codes of conduct.

The musician who requested my services in the first place getting down on the keyboard.


Madonna rolling out on a classic.


You can see some of the people I cut and styled on stage.


As my first experience working in show biz it was exciting to meet Madonna but the real thrill was my purpose for being there and it just inspired me to dream even bigger because I hadn’t opened The Barbershop yet and I looked at such a significant experience as just a stepping stone so I could only imagine what was to come.

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