In October 2012 I got a call requesting my services for a movie being filmed in the Montreal area titled Betty and Coretta. The film stars Angela Bassett, Mary J. Blige and Malik Yoga. I was hired as a Barber and Stylist to the actors and extras on set. The movie was about the relationship between the wives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X after both their assassinations so they filmed for about a month in a 1960’s-70’s setting in different areas around the city.


The film aired on Lifetime Television in February 2013 for Black History Month.


An actress camera ready.


An old friend was one of the extras, what a pleasant coincidence.


Ready to roll camera.

Actresses are different than actors, their hair requires constant maintenance on set so the days were longer and busier being responsible for a whole cast of extras. Even though there’s a team of Barbers and Stylist whoever’s head you touch you are responsible for their look the entire day. It was a nice perk to meet and work around actresses and singers like Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige.

Although I wasn’t assigned to the headline actresses it was nice to mingle with them in between takes here is an image of an extra I cut sitting next to Mary.


Actor ready to roll camera.


Too sharp of a line-up for the 70’s but a fresh extra none the less.


70’s style.

It was a challenge to always have a 60’s and 70’s style in mind while working on this production but without a challenge I would get bored.

70’s Afro style

Hairstyles had to go with the wardrobe as well.

Lights Camera Action.

This was a great experience and another stepping stone in my journey through the business whether it was my thriving Barbershop or a side job working in show biz I knew my dream was coming true.

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