It’s a wrap on production set for The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair.


Upon completion of my contractual services on the production set for an upcoming TV Series I am back at The Barbershop in Pierrefonds full-time. The initial cut I gave Damon Wayans Jr. was here at The Barbershop so I am heavily inspired to treat my entire Supreme Clientele like A-List Celebrities as they are all thrilled to be part of the elevation of our brand.

Damon was impressed at how clean the place was and how it was such a relaxed vibe. He has a barber in Los Angeles who goes to his house but he enjoyed the Barbershop experience for a change.

Brandon found a deeper connection with me realizing that we like the same sport teams and that his barber also cuts an actor who played the voice of a character in one of his favorite movies Big Hero 6!

Kian remained loyal even after I had to cancel his appointments last minute more than once due to spontaneous schedule changes on production set. “I’m proud to have the same barber as Damon Wayans Jr.”!


Daddy had to leave the family on a Sunday a few times to work on production set, my kids sure love the perks of their family owned business.


X is a professional MMA fighter who I sponsored in his early years but now it’s part of his routine to check-in before weigh-in as he prepares for any upcoming fight.


Mr.Bentley wanted to be on a 1st name basis at the shop but my son shares his family name so I told him it’s his nickname then. It turned out that we are blood related so now the name is just out of respect for the OGs in your family tree.


Ahmad is a day one client who has come weekly for years and finally got a haircut on the actual day of his birthday!


Chloe got her 1st haircut now making it a family affair since her Mom, Dad and older Brother are all frequent regulars.


I connect really well with toddlers and pre-school children, some kids hate to get their haircut which really is the process they have an issue with but at our shop kids have fun while learning how to behave like grown ups as they bond with a barber who has kids and is still one at heart himself.

Dylan and Jax used to hate getting their haircuts but love for their barber conquers all!


Kolton loves the experience and enjoys hanging out after his haircut to kick it with his barber.


It’s more than a fresh haircut, clients love the conversation, the character, the comedy and the classy feel that comes with every visit you’ll always leave with an ear to ear grin!


A head of hair is just another canvas to an artist so whoever is in my chair gets 5 star service and will be camera ready regardless of what you do for a living. I take pride in the passion I demonstrate through art while digging deeper in conversation to get to know you as a person. I look forward to our next conversation see you soon.


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