Shawn is the host for Make Way Radio’s Thursday night show. He is also one of my Day 1 regulars that has become a homie over the years. We built a business relationship through frequent haircuts. He always spoke about wanting to bring me on the road with him as his travelling barber on call no matter which industry he found success in.

After cementing one of his many positions at Make Way Studios as a host for one of their radio shows, and after I had just completed my contractual services as a celebrity barber for Damon Wayans Jr., Shawn offered a mutual beneficial opportunity that would link both our careers on the same platform while keeping his word about bringing his barber along his path to success. It gave me an opportunity to promote my business as well it gave him some content for his show that day. We have great chemistry so the synergy was magnetic and emphasized over the air waves.

“Chopping It Up”: Hair and Conversation Live On Air

⬆ Click image and skip to 28:30 for full 15 minute interview

Studio Fresh

“Looking, Smiling, Feeling like a Million Bucks”!


Shawn felt super pumped with adrenaline after the interview rather than drained from work. Usually I’m asking most of the questions to pick a client’s brain and get to know them. This time someone was picking my brain for the general public to get to know me and what I do. This breath of fresh air made the experience even more significant. We were both technically working but both felt relaxed and inspired by each other’s service to each other to create the best result. I enjoyed every minute of it and I hope that more opportunities present itself for us to link up on one platform to help each other grow in our respective industries.

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