2008 - Construction Phase

I had just gotten married and returned from my honeymoon when I realised I didn’t want a crowd of people coming to my apartment for haircuts anymore, it was time to start living my dream and open a Barbershop. I called my mom’s hairstylist who was an acquaintance at the time and was looking to expand her Salon Onyx Coiffure Plus and we began constructing our Supreme Salon/Barbershop Just-In Styles.

2009 - Grand Opening

We joined Social Media and announced our arrival in the industry. The clientele base I had from before remained loyal and echoed the word on the street.

2012 - Website Launch

After two successful years, a 2-year-old daughter at home and the clientele growing continuously I felt that the industry was becoming even more trendy and saturated so I launched my own website for a few reasons. First of all, I wanted to be up to date with technology so I implemented a system that allows you to see my schedule and book an appointment directly on-line. I wanted to give the barbershop another platform to showcase our supreme services other than social media so, I felt a website gives us our own lane, identity and a way of directly reaching your targeted audience.

2014 - 5 Year Anniversary Renovations

After five successful years in business, my family at home was complete after the birth of my son in May. The following month we decided to renovate the shop. This has always been a family business so it felt like perfect timing for the two to overlap in growth.

2016 - Staff Training

I am raising two kids at home, so it was time to start training a staff for the future of the barbershop. We accept students who are on stage for the Hairdressing Program, upon graduation we offer extra training and of course a potential job offer in the long term. We’ve had two barbers, an aesthetician, a hairstylist and a braid specialist in the past two years train with us who all potentially have a future at our establishment.

2017 - Website Renovation and Expansion in Service and Staff

We started from the bottom and we ‘ve come a long way but still have plenty growth left to fully execute our dream. We continue to reflect our success with improvements on our website, tools, products, furniture, staff and overall service so more and more people realise that this a modern establishment for men, women and children of all ages to look and feel their best in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment.